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There is a company called so it is good
to change my blog's title.

Google Adsense

Adsense working nice in
my some blogs.
Adsense History

AdSense was developed by Oingo,a
small search engine company based
in Santa Monica founded in 1998
Oingo was then bought by Google
in April 2003.

Google AdSense

AdSense is an advertising program run
by Google. Website owners can join in this
program to enable text, image and video
advertisements on their sites.Adsense
can give you advertising revenue from
each page on your website/blog with no
additional resources.AdSense can deliver
relevant ads because Google understands the
meaning of a web page.Google utilizes
its search technology to serve ads based
on website content.With Google's extensive
advertiser base,Theu have ads for
all categories of businesses and for
practically all types of content, no matter
how specialized.Ads are also targeted
by geography,so global businesses can
display local advertising with no additional
effort.You can run Google ads on all or
just some of your pages.You can maximize
your revenue potential by displaying Google
ads on your website.Google puts relevant
CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost-per-
-thousand-impressions) ads through the
same auction,and lets them compete against
one another.And you can use AdSense in
many languages.

Adsense for Search

Place a Google search box on your
website/blog, and you can start
monetizing the results from web
searches.You pay nothing to participate.
When people search the web from your
website/blog,the search results pages
shows up with ads,You get paid people
click on these ads.

Adsense for Content

There are 2 types of "Adsense for
Content" Ads(Ad units,Link units)
Ad units contain either text ads,
image ads or both.Each link unit
displays a list of topics that are
relevant to your page.

Ad units

Ad units contain either text ads, image
ads, or both. The ads are targeted to the
content of your page using contextual
and site targeting.AdSense can deliver
relevant ads because Google understands
the meaning of a web page.3 Ad units per
page can be placed in addition to the 1
Link unit on that page.

Link units

Link units help you to make the most out of
limited space. Each link unit displays a list
of topics relevant to the content of your
site.1 link unit per page can be placed in
addition to the existing 3 AdSense ad units
on that page.

Referral buttons

By adding a referral button to your site,
you can direct users to products like
AdSense, AdWords, and Firefox with
Google Toolbar.Our policies allow
you to place one referral button per
product, for up to four products total,
on any given page.

AdSense for feeds
AdSense for feeds is a version of AdSense
that runs on RSS and Atom feeds.

Sign up adsense

So it's Up to you,Start adsense or not???

Start AdSense

Becoming an Adsense publisher is simple.
All it takes is a single online application.Once
you're website/blog approved, Just Sign in
to Adsense account and generate AdSense
code copy and paste it in to the source corde
of your blog and targeted ads start showing
up on your blog.

AdSense application

How to fill Adsense form.

Website URL :
eg -:

Website language :
Select primary language of your blog

Account type :
Select Individual/Business

Country or territory :
Select Your country

Payee name :
Your full name(No Initials)

Address :
Checks will be and mailed to this address.

City :
Your city

State, province or region :

Zip or postal code :

Country or territory :

Phone :

Fax (optional) :

Email preference :
eg :-

Select Product/Products :
AdSense for Content (text,image ads)
or AdSense for Search (google search
box) both

Submit Infomation

After you Submit AdSense application.
Wait until your AdSense application
and blog/website approved(1/2 days).
Once you're application approved Just
copy and paste a block of HTML and
targeted ads start showing up on your

Adsense Ad Code

This is the "Adsense Ad code"(javascript
code/programming code/source code)that
you need in order to display "google ads".

Adsense code

Google currently uses JavaScript code
to incorporate the advertisements into
a participating website/blog.The AdSense
code is generated from within your
publisher account.This is the code
that you'll need to add to your pages
in order to display Google ads or
a search box on your web pages.
Please follow the steps below to
generate your AdSense code:

Go to -> Advertising Programs ->
Adsense -> Sign in to Adsense account
using your e-mail address and password.

Generate Adsense Code

How to Generate Adsense for Content code?
(Ad units and Link units)

1.Log in to your account :
Go to -> Advertising Programs ->
Adsense ->Sign in to Adsense account using
your email address and password.

2.Click the AdSense Setup tab.

3.Choose product - Adsense for Content /
Adsense for Search / Referrals

4.Choose Ad unit or Link Unit
Select Text Ads,Image Ads
and then Click Continue.

5.Choose Ad Formats,Colors.

6.Select Fill space with a solid color from
more options

7.Choose Ad Channels or create a new Channels

8.Click continue

9.Now you can view the "Adsense for Content"Ad
code.copy it and past it in to your blog.

Generate Adsense for Search Code

How to Generate Adsense for Search code?

1.Log in to your account :
Go to -> Advertising
Programs -> Adsense ->Sign in to
Adsense account using your email
address and password.

2.Click the AdSense Setup tab.

3.Choose product - Adsense for
Content / Adsense for Search /

4.Choose the style,colour of the
search box.

5.Choose search resulrs to be
open in anew window,that method
is nice.

6.Choose a Ad Channel or create a
new Channel,Click continue.

7.Now you can view the "Adsense
for search" Ad code.copy it and past
it in to your blog.

Generate Referral Code

How to Generate Referral Adsense code?

1.Log in to your account :

2.Click the "AdSense Setup" tab.

3.Choose product - Adsense for Content/
Adsense for Search/Referrals

4.Choose button style you want,
Click Continue.

5.Choose Ad Channel or create a new Channel,
Click continue

6.Now you can view the "Referral"Ad code.
copy it and past it in to your blog.

How to paste Adsense code

Copy the Asense code from your
Adsense Account.Sign in to your
blog Click the "TEMPLATE"tab,
Then click the "Edit Curent" and
then you can view HTML source
corde of your blog.Paste the Adsense
code anyware you want.

Ads after each post

If you want the AdSense ads to
appear after each posts, paste the
"Ad code" after the <$BlogItemBody$>


Paste Adsense Code Here

Problems with Adsense Code.

If one Adsense Ad will blink another
ad.Your problem must be,You have
not put the breaking space tag or

Adsense code 1

<br />
Adsense code 2

Basics of program policies

you're welcome to place up to:

- three standard ad units
- one link unit
- two search boxes
- four referral units for different products
per 1 page.

Web pages may not include incentives of
any kind for users to click on ads.
For example, your site cannot contain phrases
such as "click here," "visit these websites" or
other similar language that could apply to any ad,
regardless of content.

Publishers may not label the ads with text other
than "sponsored links" or "advertisements."

Ads must not be displayed on any page with
content primarily in an unsupported language.

Site may not include

Excessive profanity, Violence, racial intolerance,
or advocate against any individual, group, or
organization Hacking/cracking content
adult content ,Excessive advertising
Any other content that promotes illegal
activity or infringes on the legal rights of
others Pop-ups, pop-unders or exit windows
that interfere with site navigation, obscure
Google ads, change user preferences, or
are for downloads. Other types of pop-ups,
pop-unders, or exit windows may be allowed,
provided that they do not exceed a combined
total of 5 per user session and many more.

Go to google and read program policies,

Adsense Code Modification

Any AdSense ad code, search box code, or
referral code must be pasted directly into
Web pages without modification.

Webmaster Guidelines

In addition to the,program policies
AdSense participants are required
to adhere to the webmaster guidelines
posted at


Do not load pages with irrelevant or
excessive key words.

Do not participate in link schemes
designed to increase your site's
ranking or PageRank.

Ad Formats

Google AdSense Ad Formats

Text Ads,Image Ads,Video Ads,
Link Units,Referral buttons.

Note: If you want to serve Image or Vidio
Ads,Make sure to select an Ad format that
Support to Image and Vidio Ads.

Text Ad Formats

Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Banner (468 x 60)
Button (125x125)
Half Banner (234x60)
Skyscraper (120x600)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Small Rectangle (180x150)
Vertical Banner (120 x 240)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
Square (250 x 250)
Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Image Ad Formats

When you want to serve Image Ads,
Make sure to select a following ad
Format in adsense setup.

Leaderboard (728 x 90)
Banner (468 x 60)
Wide Skyscraper (160x600)
Skyscraper (120x600)
Square (250 x 250)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

Video Ad Formats

When you want to serve Vidio Ads,
Make sure to select a following ad
Format in adsense setup.

Square (250x250)
Rectangle (300x250)
Large Rectangle (336x280)
Vidio ads will slow down your
Page Loading.

Ban Domains

If you buy a Domain/website of any pervious account,and you want
to run adsense on that website,You do not know is this
Domain is perviously Ban by google.You have to check this
Domain before pasting the Adsense Ad code in to this website,
which domain will effect your account.So Verify Ban Domain's
before using Adsense code in Websites

Google Publisher Tools

With Google's publisher tools, you can focus on creating
your content while we help with everything else, from smart
analytics to driving traffic to your site/blog.

Google Sitemaps

Whith Google Sitemaps You get a smarter crawl
because you can provide Google with specific
information about all your web pages.Simply
log in with your Google Account and add
your site's URL to get started.

Google Analytics

You can get infomation about exactly where
your readers are coming from which website,
country, state and city.

Google Adwords

With Google AdWords you create your own ads.
you only pay when someone clicks on them.
The source of all AdSense income is


Blogger helps you and your readers interact,
creating a sense of community.Creating Your Own
Blog is now easy,because there are web based
tools that make the blogging easy and simple.

Google Maps API

Add interactivity and community to your site
with Google Maps API Integrate your site's
data into Google's interactive maps and
embed them in your web pages with
JavaScript.You can plot points and lines
and display information windows with the
Google Maps look and feel.The Google
Maps API is a free (beta) service, available
for use on any website that is free to

AdSense Troubleshooting

Installing personal firewall software or ad blocking or
JavaScript disabling browser settings on your computer
may alter the appearance of Google ads may displayed
on your computer.

Turn off Windows Firewall

Click Start menu->
Settings/Control Panel/Windows Firewal->
Then Turn Off the Windows Firewal

Indian Adsense Bloggers

Jason S of India,Bangalore is a nice blogger.

Adsense ABC

Adsense Babies are welcom here.
You can learn Basics of Adsense
from this blog.

Adsense help

I'm a Adsense baby.
I'm New to Adsense.I learned to
manage my adsense account all
by my self.Now I can help you.
you can help me too.

Blogging ABC

Learn basics of blogging from my
"blogging basics blog"

Blogging Tips

Here areTips for those using Blogger.
visit my "Advanced blogging tips"blog.

Sinhala Blogging Tutorials

I'm developing a Sinhala Blogging
Tutorial.But Sinhala fonts are not
available in blogger.So I cant post
it to my blogspot blogs.I will publish
it in to my website soon.

my website

You can Sign up for Adsense here
fron this blog.

Some Adsense keywords will earn
you up to 25-40 $.

Monday, February 5

Web Directory vs Search Engine

A web directory is a directory on the
World Wide Web.It specializes in
linking to other web sites and
categorizing those links.A web
directory is not a search engine,
and does not display lists of web
pages based on keywords, instead
it lists web sites by category and
subcategory. The categorization is
usually based on the whole web site,
rather than one page or a set of
keywords, and sites are often
limited to inclusion in only one
or two categories. Web directories
often allow site owners to directly
submit their site for inclusion, and
have editors review submissions for

Thursday, January 18

I am a Sudent of Thurstan College.I Love My School

Monday, January 15

I'm Testing TAGword Ads.

"TAGword" is a revolutionary text-based
advertising system that has you making money
from your website directly from your visitors.
TAGword lets you personalize everything, from
ad colors and fonts to placement, price, and size.
You can even set up your own default ads and
choose the words you don't want in your ads.
You can choose to review questionable ads
with the advertiser or even ban them completely
from advertising on your website. Best of all, it
eliminates the middle man, so you can keep more
of your own money.

Saturday, January 6

nanopibia is redy.

Saturday, November 18

Dog's in UK

Fewer Stay doges put down in UK
The number of stay doges being put
to sleep has dropped this year,7743
dogs were put down by councils
because they were unable to find
them homes,compared to 7798 last

SL Accounting Standards Published
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of
Sri Lanka(ICASL),has published the Sri Lanka
Accounting Standards Book 2006 edition.
The 2006 edition includes certain addtional
features cross reference to the corresponding
International standeds, reference to gazete
notifications and reconciliation with the
International Accounting standards

Sunday, October 29

Ad Formats.
Google AdSense Ad Formats-:
Text Ads,Image Ads,Video Ads,Link Units,Referral buttons

Text Ad Formats-:
Leaderboard (728 x 90),Banner (468 x 60),Button (125x125),Half Banner (234x60),Skyscraper (120x600),Wide Skyscraper (160x600),Small Rectangle (180x150),Vertical Banner (120 x 240),Medium Rectangle (300 x 250),Square (250 x 250),Large Rectangle (336 x 280),

Image Ad Formats-:
Leaderboard (728 x 90),Banner (468 x 60),Wide Skyscraper (160x600),Skyscraper (120x600),Square (250 x 250),Medium Rectangle (300 x 250),Large Rectangle (336 x 280),

Video Ad Formats-:
Square (250x250),Rectangle (300x250),Large Rectangle (336x280)
Indian Adsense Bloggers

Indian Government has ban lot of blogs.I know lot of Indians has Adsense running on their blogs.I think their Adsense Accounts has
been banded.

Saturday, October 21

AdSense Troubleshooting

Installing personal firewall software or ad blocking
or JavaScript disabling browser settings on your
computer may alter the appearance of Google ads
may displayed on your computer.Below is a list of
some of the applications that may interfere with
the ability to view Google ads:

• Norton Personal Firewall
• Norton Anti-Spam
• Firefox Ad Blocker plug-in
• Kerio Firewall
• McAfee Firewall
• Proxomitron
• Windows XP Service Pack 2 with firewall enabled

Turn off Firewall (Windows XP)

1. Click Start menu

2. Settings/Control Panel/Windows Firewal

3. Then Turn Off the Windows Firewal

Wednesday, September 27

Online Bride
After their first online contact several years ago,They
exchanged photos on the net,Followed by a cyberspace
Love affair.Subia Gaur an 18 year old Muslim Londoner
has no regrets about her marriage to Ashwani Gupta(21),
in New Delhi.
Books at
Author Noam Chomsky's 3 year old book shot to top of bestsller list after Hugo Chavez touted it at
the UN'S.Chomsky's 2003 book naemed as "Hegemony
or Survival".

Tuesday, September 26

AdSense to your Blog

First you must have an AdSense account,Sign up for AdSense
Then Sign into relevant blog click the TEMPLATE tab,Click
the AdSense tab.Then you can select the Ad Format you want.
Then You can preview your the SAVE tab,ThenClick
Republished button.Check your blog and see if the Google ads
are there.Then You may see public service ads. Reason is
Google has not yet crawled your site and still Your Google
AdSense application is not approved.So you have to wait for
1/2 days

F200,at 25knm per litre this car
which is made with a moulded
body is the most economical in
it's category.60km per hour with
Hydraulic breaks on the rear
wheels.Priced at Rs.450,000/-
including VAT.

The Ultimate Teen Magazine

The Ultimate Teen Magazine
All you young Ladies and Gentlmen hear's the latest
magazine to hit the market.ChokaoLAATe is the first
ever teenage magazine to be launched in Sri Lanka

History of Sri Lankan Stamps

History of Sri Lankan Stamps
First Stamp of Sri Lanka was issued on April 1st,1857.
It is evident that stamps reveal our culture,festivals and
leaders.There is an Interesting story behind every stamp
First Women Space Tourist

First Women Space Tourist lifts off in to

the space on 18 th of september.Anousheh

Ansari was aboard a Russian rocket heading

to the International Space Station.She was

the fourth ever space tourist,first ever women

space tourist

Working in space

Working in space
International Space Station is getting a new
addition. Astronauts from Shuttle Atlantis
are Installing the ISS's first new piece of
equipment in more than three years

New Planet is named

New Planet is named

Scientists have given a New name to a newly
discovered Planet.The New name is Eris.
Eris was called Xena as a codename before a
final name was given.Eris was first seen in
2003.Finally recognised in 2005.Eris moon
has a name,Dysnomia

Sunday, September 24

Jupiter's family keeps growing

Jupiter's family keeps growing

The roster of extended Jupiter's
family keeps growing,61 moons
at last count.

Ceylinco Insurance Wins Regional Awards
With it's"one and only"Insurance product,
Ceylinco Insurance was voted the most
innovative Insurance Company at the 10
th Asian Insurance Industry Awards 2006
held in Brunei.
For the Innovation catagory the company
beat HSBC International Life, American
Home Assurance

World Spice Festival

World Spice Festival
The World Spice Festival,Organized
by the Sri Lanka Tourist board last
year,is preparing to unleash it's sizzle
once again this year september 14 to
21.A spectacular highlight of the main
event of the Festival is the"Global Spice
Village" to be held on sep.15 and 16.

World Spice Festival Blog
My New Website
Comming Soon
Colombo Hilton
Leading first class hotel in Sri Lanka
With large choice of restaurants.